How do I start a chapter in my area?

1. Commit to the vision of the Association of Pro-life Physicians. We are very enthusiastic about starting other chapters around the nation, and we are very flexible in our requirements of chapters. At the very least you must agree to the basic pro-life principles and main goals of the APP as delineated under “Who Are We?” It is important to be as focused as possible on these aims so as not to alienate otherwise pro-life physicians with a plethora of diverse opinions and activities with which they may disagree.

2. Write or speak to physicians about whether they will perform abortions or refer for abortions, and invite pro-life physicians to be on a list of like-minded physicians that will be made available to the public. A letter writing campaign to physicians in your community will certainly identify a few physicians who are committed to not kill the pre-born. You can contact us for a form letter that you can send to local physicians. Include a stamped, self-addressed post-card in your envelope that the physician can simply sign and put back in the mail in order to be included in your list of physicians who will not kill babies or refer for abortions.

3. Once you have at least one or two physicians who commit not to perform or refer for abortions, begin to educate the community and the churches about who those physicians are. Through the availability of a local Directory of Pro-life Physicians, through phone calls, letters, ads in newspapers and radio, and word of mouth, the pro-life community will be informed about which physicians share their values.

4. Once the pro-life community begins to prefer Hippocratic physicians who share their values, other physicians will soon feel the stigma and financial strain of not being a Hippocratic physician and they will be forced to adopt our oath to protect all human lives in order to just stay in business. That’s how it happened under the influence of Hippocrates in Greece 400 years B.C., and that’s how it’s going to happen in the United States of America. In time, physicians who are reluctant to join our cause will contact you to be a member of the APP, to avoid the stigma of not being a member, and for the free advertisement to the community!